Your happy home starts here!

You want to enjoy every moment spent home with your family, but every time you enter the house you have that restless feeling of incompleteness. You want a beautiful and functional home that would perfectly suit your family needs and reflect your lifestyle. You spent so many hours finding the right pieces of furniture and decor to tide it all up together but the space still doesn't feel complete. You are so tired of making wrong purchases. That lovely velvet chair that didn't fit in your bedroom is still sitting in your garage waiting to be returned. And most important - all of that just adds the stress that you've already enough at work and life. It's time to stop worrying and wasting your valuable time hustling around trying to find the right furniture and decor.

It's time to enjoy your beautiful and happy home and I'm the one to help you!

Interior Designer South Florida

I'm Sofia, not only am I an Interior Stylist and person behind all the magic here at Sofia Sakare Interior Design, I'm also a palm-tree-loving happy home creator, all-things-functional admirer, and mindful-design achiever. 

I help busy homeowners and renters create a beautiful and functional space they've always dreamed about so that they can finally start enjoying their time at home and be happy right here right now.

I believe that to be happy everyone should do what he/or she is best at. You go and conquer your Olympus of expertise and I'll go and create a Home you'll Love.  

Since I remember myself I would always be "designing" and decorating. I was lucky to be born and grow up in a beautiful European country Latvia. The capital of Latvia - Riga, where I used to live, is the one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and is generally recognized to have largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in the world. I was growing surrounded by the unique beauty and historical artistic heritage. I gained my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Information Technologies, which became one of my biggest assets in future carrier and life. My advanced knowledge of technology and excellent computer skills helped me at my following carrier path at Moscow, Russia, where I was gaining customer service experience working as a personal assistant to the president of international investment company. It was time when I was introduced to luxury living and interior design during the renovation of the company's office. My professional interior design journey started in Toronto, Ontario, where me and my family came to several years ago. Canada is an amazing country where dreams happen. And my lifelong dream of becoming and interior design professional and create beautiful functional spaces came true here! I went back to school to become Home Staging Expert and Certified Interior Decorator. In 2016 I started my sole business and since then I live my dream helping homeowners and renters make their dream home happen.

My international experience in different carriers, my advanced computer skills and technology knowledge, my extreme attention to every interior detail, my unique ability to visualize the space even before the project stats, my extraordinary customer service skills, and natural calming charm and ability to please every demanding client - these all set me apart from the other professionals in interior design industry and make me the one, who can help you to create a space you'll be happy to call Home.